The Speakers

Vincent Percevault – Music, sound and VR, what’s up in 2017

In partnership with SACEM


Founder and CEO of Game Audio Factory – G4F (European leader in audio for games), Co-founder and President of Native Prime (Multilingual Localization Group), Head of sound design dpt. at the ENJMIN School (French National School of Video Games), President of the SPN (Regional Association of Startups), Co-Founder Fremen Corp // Co-Founder Iteca // Previously Audio Director at Cyanide Studio, Expert in interactive audio process and content production. Has worked on hundreds of game projects, from AAA titles to small indie games, but also on linear productions (animation series, fiction films, etc…).

Specialties: Audio consulting, design and production. Expertise in Audio API for interactive audio, and dedicated authoring tools (FMOD, MILES, XACT, WWISE, NITRO etc…), sound spatialisation, 3D Sound, Binaural audio for VR, Localization, Dubbing, Project Management, Cross-media, Transmedia.

Thursday 12 – 16h20, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Iwona Pom – Psychological aspects of Virtual Reality

Keynote in English

What are the psychological factors that determine the quality of virtual reality experience and the way it affects us? Which features of the virtual setup determine immersive experience of the participants? How to facilitate entering the “state of flow”, “creating virtual memories”, learning effects, guiding visual attention and fulfilling the emotional needs? This knowledge is relevant for all of us: VR media makers, educators, parents of “digital natives”, artists, doctors, engineers, as well as… for us as VR users.

Iwona Pom is an information and audiovisual designer and cognitive psychologists. As a guest lecturer she teaches the Perception of Film & New Media at the Warsaw University (Psychology Department) and at The Schiller National Film School. Being a member of the museum advisory committee (M Museum Leuven) she combines the domains of empirical psychology and media design by scrutinizing the issues of human cognition, visual perception (PhD, the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin) and the information design (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels).

Thursday 12 – 15h55, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Sophie Goupil – From the documentary production to short film production in 3D 360 VR

Producer Sophie Goupil founded “Les Poissons Volants” in 1989. She produces documentaries, feature films, short films and videos of artists. All these works testify to the desire to always transcend genres, conventions and expectations. Together with her team, she multiplies the cross-roads in search of singular and exciting subjects, listening to the world and its evolutions such as the short film La tentation de Saint Antoine in 3D 360 VR. The editorial mosaic des “Poissons Volants” takes shape in the course of films.

Friday 13 – 14h, salle némo, CIBDI.

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François Klein – Making his first movie in virtual reality

François Klein is a movie producer specialised in new technologies. He has worked 10 years on various projects for TV, cinema, animation and S-3D contents. Starting 2013, He got interested in Virtual Relality and 360 movies for fiction and its narative possibilities. In 2016, François is partnering with the stereographer Thomas Villepoux to create Digital Rise, a development studio dedicated to fiction projects in virtual reality and new storytelling forms. In 2017 François shares his knowledges in « Réaliser Son Premier Film en Réalité Vrituelle », a book about writing for VR, production process and staging in VR. This same year, he joined the innovation studio DVMobile as VR producer for original contents such as fictions or documentaries.

Friday 13 – 18h35, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Sergio Ochoa – VR with Mistika SGO

His interest in researching and creating new technologies has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of each step involved in the development of the audiovisual process.
His career began as software developer of applications and graphic interface. He then combined his technical expertise with artistic creation and became CGI artist and VFX supervisor.

He founded his own enterprise which quickly became one of Spain´s most relevant production companies. After years of direction, post production and production he moved into creative direction and art direction for advertising campaigns. He then returned to the film market as VFX supervisor and DI expert (Technicolor).
Throughout his career he has founded several innovative companies in the arena of FX and VFX, who were quickly absorved by larger companies.
His wide background allow him to help towards the development of a high end post production suite (SGO Mistika), focusing on colour grading and the stereoscopic tool set and SGO Mistika positioning in the international market as a leading technology.

Currently, he works as CEO / Creative Technologist in the SGO office in France, developing mainly VR tools (Mistika VR) and solutions.

Friday 13 – 17h45, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Milosz Hermanowicz – Ciné-présence : immersive realization as an aesthetic of presence.

New digital imagery techniques not only change production and distribution patterns, but even upset the way stories are told. How to tell a story in a relief film, in a 360 ° film? What does it mean to tell a story with these techniques?
Editor, trained in relief in 2011, Milosz Hermanowicz has since reflected on these issues. How do we think narration so that techniques cease to dictate to creators their limits, but so that creators begin to dictate to the techniques their intentions? Milosz Hermanowicz, as a practitioner, proposes to question the aesthetics of cinema in order to lay the foundations of an aesthetic of the Presence.

Milosz Hermanowicz has been working as an editor since 2004. He was trained in stereography in 2011. His main interests revolve around documentary, archives and psychology.
He made three short films in the years 2011-2016. The second, Red Lady, won the Grand Prix at Angoulême’s 3D Courant festival in 2014 and was included in the Blu-ray “FRENCH 3D” edited by Unifrance. In 2016, he directed his first 360-degree film After the Apocalypse.

In parallel, based on his practice of stereoscopic imaging and editing, he has devoted in recent years to develop a native narrative design for the immersive paradigm.
He gathers his interests in several immersive film projects on which he is currently working.

Friday 13 – 15h25, salle némo, CIBDI.
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Pola Borkiewicz – Dreams as a prototype of Virtual Reality

Keynote in English

Reality and Virtuality are categories that are blurry, same as Dreaming and Waking State, both categories seems to be the extreme ends of the state of mind, they are alternate states of mind. What is virtual reality and where is the source of VR experience? Looking closelyat the latest results of sleep research we learn that Dreaming is an original virtual experience, especially while Lucid Dreaming. Moreover, we know that our dreaming brain during REM sleep stage is a filmmaker. The brain creates shoots, roles, scripts, music, directs and it does everything. It happens every single night when the brain generates sensory stimulation for itself. Metaphor of cinema as a collective dream and metaphor of sleep as a film is well known and widespread in culture, rooted in the early days of traditional 2D cinema, at the very beginning, when the Cinema was called Dream Palace.

Nowadays, also thanks to CinematicVR, these metaphors becomes even more obvious, especially when we realize that perception is an active process of constructing the world in real time. We are all doing simulations both in waking and in dream state.

I will discuss issues related to the model of illusion, embodied immersive experience, and dream components as important tools for working on narration for a spherical 3D film.

Dream Director, Researcher, Interdisciplinary Artist. Pola’s main fields of scientific interest include neuroaesthetics, neurocinematics and psychology of audiovisual perception.
Working as a Dream Director at DreamJay Inc. being responsible for concept and production of content and the methodology of audio and visual stimuli for Nightly app, combining both art & science to actively improving sleep.
Associate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, research project Sign System of Audiovisual Language. Associate at the Centre for Innovation SWPS University, expert on New Technologies, responsible for the cooperation project between SWPS University and Lodz Film School, as coordinator of the xReality Research Group. Lecturer at Cinematic VR crash course and Film & Perception course, Dream Screen issue.

Friday 13 – 15h, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Stuart Campbell – The vision of Augmented Reality, by Stuart Campbell

Keynote in English

Stuart Campbell, also known as Sutu uses art and technology in new ways to tell stories. He is an illustrator, interactive designer and writer. He is best known for Nawlz, a 24 episode interactive cyberpunk comic book series created for web and iPad. As part of BigHarts YijalaYala Project, he has adapted traditional Australian Aboriginal stories into interactive iPad storybooks and created NEOMAD interactive comic, a space opera set in the Aussie outback. He has also created multimedia installations for the Australian National Museum and designed pilot training programs for the Australian Defence Force. His work has won Webby, FWA, ATOM and JMAF awards.

Thursday 12 – 10h, salle némo, CIBDI. / Friday 13 – 10h, K.Dick, ground floor of the Cité, CIBDI.

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Marie Deschamps – The vision of Augmented Reality, by Marie Deschamps

Graduated from the university paris 1 in Plastic Arts and cft Gobelins in animation 2D-3D.
Writer of graphic novels, all written by Eric Wantiez and published at “Comme une orange”: Pierre et Lou, 2009 – Nino, 2011 – One secret, 2013 – Le printemps d’Oan, 2015.
Marie draws as she breathes, by deep puffs. Mary does not like obligations, nor things imposed apart from those imposed on her. Yes Marie is demanding, sharp and not necessarily sure of her. Her work at “fleur de peau”, sensitive, poetic strikes at heart, uppercut! She lives free and wild in the great plains of Angoulême. It is necessary to tame it a little to approach it. Marie smokes cigarettes and makes gifs. Marie is an eternal and surprising dreamer who knows how to pick emotions with her pencil and to offer them in cash mode!

Marie Deschamps is a scorcher who never resigns herself to the stupidity and absurdity of the world. She vomits injustice without any concession. But the author also has an exacerbated sensitivity to the beauty that surrounds her. Her poetry allows her to sublimate the simple and the ordinary. She puts so much intensity and emotion in a heron, a weeping willow, or a crying boy. From this duality, Mary created a unique trait. There is an improbable mixture of Franck Miller light, Franquin movement, or contemplation at the John McNaught.
From time to time, Marie stops making the clown. Often to talk about drawing. So everyone listens. With large, wide-eyed eyes. The children smile and the adults go back to childhood. For when Mary shares, everyone is the same age.

Friday 13 – 18h10, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Anthony Combeau – Zombilléniuim (3D) et le studio 2 Minutes Animation d’Angoulême

After an internship at Tele Images Kids while doing his Master’s Degree in Multimedia Management of Angouleme, followed by 2 years working in the same studio, Anthony joined 2 Minutes Animation in 2004. He was soon given the role of studio manager in Angoulême. Since September 2005, the studio, which currently has around 80 employees, has developed significantly and been involved in some forty animated series or feature films, especially Zombillénium.

Friday 13 – 20h30, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Rino Stefano Tagliafierro – Diffusion of the short film “Beauty” in relief

Born in 1980. Director, art director and video artist. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has had many experiences in the production video art, , short films, commercials, fashion video, video videoprojections and multimedia exhibitions, museums and special events. He exposed in numerous contemporary art exhibitions in Milan (Galleria Kaufmann Repetto), Tornino (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo), New York (TribecaCinema, BigScreenPlaza, Rooftop), Paris (Le Centquatre-Paris, LeCube), Roanne (Musée Déchelette), Sapporo, Moscow and Berlin, receiving international awards at numerous film festivals, including Cannes Short Film Corner, Annecy Festival, Clermont -Ferrand Short Festival, Interfilm Berlin and Milan Film Festival. He has collaborated with several international film studios, film directors and projects such as “A Rose Reborn” by Park Chan-wook and “David Lynch – The Art Life” by Jon Nguyen.

In the commercial field he has produced videos for Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Kenzo, Antonio Marras, Bvlgari, BMW, Pirelli. In 2015 with the ADV “Untouched” for Coca-Cola won the Gold Award at LIA AWARDS 2015 in London and CLIO-AWARD at the NY CLIO Festival. In 2013 he founded the KARMACHINA, an exhibition studio design based in Milan, realizing several projects, including the video installation for the opening ceremony of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival 2014 in Yerevan, Armenia and the art direction of the video projections show over the Tree of Life, symbol of Expo2015. In 2014 he published the BEAUTY, obtaining excellent results and awards worldwide and obtaining approval from major national and international newspapers and specialized magazines such as Le Monde, Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Wall Street International, Bild, The Guardian, France2, Telegraph, Artribune, Daily Mail, Sky, La Stampa and La Repubblica. In 2016 it publishes PEEP SHOW, a private trip to the world of eroticism where art is the object of desire.

Saturday 14 – 14h25, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Emmanuel Linot – Augmented Reality and Virtual Scenery

Managing Director and Operations at SolidAnim, Emmanuel Linot has more than 15 years experience in motion capture and 3D animation forged with companies such as ExMachina, Quantic Dream or Herold & Family. He founded his own studio in 2007 with Isaac Partouche and Jean-François Szlapka, collecting video game projects and feature films such as The Crew, “Cafard” and recently “White fang”. In 2010, the founders launched SolidTrack, an innovative system for real-time rendering of special effects, with major American productions such as The Walk, A monster calls, Alice in Wonderland and Rogue One.

Friday 13 – 14h25, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Emilie Salaberry – The stereoscopic plates of Benin

Emilie Salaberry has specialized in African arts since her first year of graduate studies in art history. Nourished by this passion and experience in French Polynesia, she has, following her studies, organized cycles of conferences and guided tours on the arts of Africa and Oceania, served as consultant to the Central Africa Unit of the UNESCO World Heritage and was in charge of the management of a private collection of non-European art before being recruited as the head of the extra-European collections at the Musée d’Angoulême. In addition to her duties as assistant to the management of the museum, she has been appointed conservation officer for the same post. She is responsible for the study, conservation, enrichment and enhancement of the rich collections of the Angoulême Museum. it takes care to conduct in an international collaborative framework and in a concern of constant sharing and exchange.

Saturday 14 – 14h, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Jérémy Rochigneux – The production and realization of the short 3D360VR “Altération”

After studying literature and cinema, Jérémy Rochigneux went into film production by co-founding the studio Metronomic. In 2013 he writes and directs with Jérôme Blanquet his first short fiction film, a black comedy called «Death or Taxes». He has since produced about sixty short films and music videos, in formats and genres that focus on innovation and poetry.

Thursday 12 – 15h30, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Patrice Abaul – From “Love” to 3D direct 3D360VR by Roland Garros

Graduated from the Superior Audiovisual School of Toulouse, Patrice ABAUL worked 5 years as Head of Audiovisual department of RC Lens. He developed the skills to manage professional broadcast and Cinema productions He founded Redkenn Productions in 2009. Initially intended for demonstrations and technical training on Sony Products, Redkenn activity developed quickly to 3D content production. Redkenn produced more than 50 shooting in 3D since September 2010 for events (Fifa World cup, Wimbledon, Olympics 2012) advertising, documentaries and Cinema movies. Specialized in New technology shooting (3D, 4K, HighSpeed, Underwater, HDR and FX) and in 2014 . Patrice ABAUL was stereographer on Gaspar Noé’s « LOVE » shooted in 3D and presented in Cannes 2014. Today, Patrice is consultant in VR Technology for Livelike, Fox Sports and others cinema and broadcast providers.

Thursday 12 – 20h30, salle némo, CIBDI.

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Antoine Delacharlerie – Diffusion and Presentation of short film in 3D ” Ghost Cell “

Antoine Delacharlerie studied 3D animation and then turned to the field of animated short filmmaking and digital arts, all the while putting a great deal of manual work into his many projects. Exhibiting consummate versatility, he’s equally adept at exploring many different techniques: 3D, camera work, graphic experimentation and DIY. His work thus seeks to weave interconnections among the real, the dreamlike and the organic. In 2010 he received the Prix SCAM for his graduation film from Supinfocom Telegraphics. And Ghost Cell in 2015.

Friday 13 – 11h20, salle némo, CIBDI.