The Speakers

l’intelligence artificielle dans les nouvelles écritures

Born in 1962, Ngô Tự Lập obtained a university degree in navigation in Baku, another in law in Hanoi, then a DEA in modern literature at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Fontenay – St. Cloud, and a PhD in Illinois. State University.

He was a captain of a ship in the French Navy. Author of a dozen books (poetry, prose, essays) he is also a translator of Russian, English and French. His works have been translated and published in the United States, France, India, Sweden, Belgium, China, Canada, Thailand, and the Czech Republic. His collection of poems “Black Stars” (Milkweed, USA, 2013) has been nominated for the PEN Award in the United States. His latest book published in France is “A Storm Out of Season”. He teaches the theory of literature and cinema, communication, philosophy and American studies. He is currently the director of the Institute of Francophonie for Innovation (Hanoi).

Lesya Matsko

IA & Art

Lesya Matsko is a documentary film maker. Amongst the awards she has won: Grant of the President of Ukraine, Grant of the French Government, Award of Historical Documentary at the World Underwater Film Festival, presided by Michel Cousteau, France, participated at the numerous International Film Festivals, as Berlinale, Kustendorf, Molodist,  etc… The recent filmmaker’s projects were presented at the Centre Pompidou and devoted to contemporary and Avant-Garde and Supremacist Art movements… Now the film makers is exploring  the topic AI & ART. AI is obviously changing the nature of creative processes. It is playing important role in creative activities such as music, architecture, fine arts… Indeed, the computer is already a canvas, a brush, a musical instrument it self… What are the relations between computers and creativity? Is AI –  only a tool to help human creators? Or we could imagine AI as a creative entity in its own right?…

Camille Abgrall

Laissez vous guider par  la réalité augmentée

Camille completed a master’s degree at the University of Montauban, and studied animation in Angoulême. Then she joined Solidanim, an company specialized in animation & visual effects. For 4 years she went from one job to another within the company : CGI animator, layout supervisor on the movie “White Fang”, produced by Superprod, CGI assistant director on the show “Laissez-vous guider”, produced by Morgane and prod&compagnie. She was in charge of the shooting preparation, background animation and final frame delivery to the producer. Today she’s supervising the animation & layout team at Solidanim for the documentary film “L’épreuve des siècles : Notre Dame de Paris”, produced by Program33. It will be aired in 2019 on France 2.

Guilhène Iop

Laissez vous guider par  la réalité augmentée

Graduate of a business school in 1992, I integrated the sector of the music record at SONY Columbia  to the communication and the partnership department  then I did the same at VIRGIN until 1995. I discovered the sector of the image production by integrating in 1995 the company France TV Distribution where I developped the partnership and special operation department. Attracted by the world of TV and feature, I got rhe opportunity of taking a post in a production company : CARRERE D.A.  There I started with managing animation productions and a few years after, I started to sell rights for these productions on the international market. In 2013, Morgane Groupe proposed to me to set up  a department coproduction and distribution. Morgane Groupe produces documentaries, formats, TV show.


Romain Bonnin
Tantale – Pourquoi le vertical

After a rich career in live performance, Romain Bonnin joined the CNAM-ENJMIN. At the end of the second year of a master’s degree, he joined Mimesis Republic as game designer then KTM Advance as narrative designer. Since 2012, he has been working on digital projects as author and designer for France Télévisions-Nouvelles Ecritures, including the series Plus Belle la Vie from 2012 to 2015: Le Vigilant and LoveLooz (France Télévisions-Nouvelles Ecritures, Telfrance, CNC). He also wrote an interactive fiction: Tantale (La Générale de Production, France Télévisions, Nouvelles Ecritures, CNC). In 2015, he joined the management of Nouvelles Ecritures and transmedia – France Télévisions as editorial advisor and new media project manager. In 2016-2017, he co-directed a documentary series in VR: Paris l’envers du décor (Forum des Images-TV5 Monde) and directed the Facebook video of Baisers cachés with Patrick Timsit the “most viral content associated with the fiction ever recorded” CP-France Télévisions. 8 M people reached, 4.5M views. In 2017, he joined the Flair Production team as director of digital development and new media producer.


Vincent Percevault
« Musique et son pour la (x)R »
en partenariat avec la SACEM

Founder and CEO of Game Audio Factory – G4F (European leader in audio for games), Co-founder and President of Native Prime (Multilingual Localization Group), Head of sound design dpt. at the ENJMIN School (French National School of Video Games), President of the SPN (Regional Association of Startups), Co-Founder Fremen Corp // Co-Founder Iteca // Previously Audio Director at Cyanide Studio, Expert in interactive audio process and content production. Has worked on hundreds of game projects, from AAA titles to small indie games, but also on linear productions (animation series, fiction films, etc…). Specialties: Audio consulting, design and production. Expertise in Audio API for interactive audio, and dedicated authoring tools (FMOD, MILES, XACT, WWISE, NITRO etc…), sound spatialisation, 3D Sound, Binaural audio for VR, Localization, Dubbing, Project Management, Cross-media, Transmedia.


Sammuel Marques _ Présentation du Jetson

“In 2010 he open his company of computer OEM  with exception to integrate only components of new technology. Its workstations are distributed throughout France, mainly for video editing, photography and 3D graphics, for architects,  centers, independent vidéo producers and enthusiasts people. In 2013, he developed his business on the local, evolves as a company manager by integrating the repair of all devices with an operating system and deploys IT services to professionals. In 2018 he took part in the associative project on the image and the news technologies, to install an AI of detection by vision in real time on Jetson Nvidia.”

Iwona Pom
La réalité Virtuelle un pont entre l’hôpital, les musées et la culture.
Conférence en Anglais

Iwona Pom is an information and audiovisual designer and cognitive psychologists. As a guest lecturer she teaches the Perception of Film & New Media at the Warsaw University (Psychology Department) and at The Schiller National Film School. Being a member of the museum advisory committee (M Museum Leuven) she combines the domains of empirical psychology and media design by scrutinizing the issues of human cognition, visual perception (PhD, the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin) and the information design (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels).


Milosz Hermanowicz
Nécessité d’une confédération Européenne de la (x)R ?

Milosz Hermanowicz travaille comme monteur depuis 2004. Il se forme à la stéréographie en 2011. Ses centres d’intérêts tournent autour du documentaire, des archives et de la psychologie. Il a réalisé trois films courts dans les années 2011-2016. Le deuxième, Red Lady, a obtenu le Grand Prix au festival Courant 3D d’Angoulême en 2014 et a été inclus dans le Blu-ray « FRENCH 3D » édité par Unifrance. Il réalise en 2016 son premier film 360° Après l’apocalypse. En parallèle, s’appuyant sur sa pratique de l’image stéréoscopique et du montage, il a consacré ces dernières années à développer une conception native de narration pour le paradigme immersif. Il rassemble ses centres d’intérêts dans plusieurs projets de films immersifs sur lesquels il travaille actuellement.


Les aspects psychologique de la (x)R
Conférence en Anglais

Reality and Virtuality are categories that are blurry, same as Dreaming and Waking State, both categories seems to be the extreme ends of the state of mind, they are alternate states of mind. What is virtual reality and where is the source of VR experience? Pola’s main fields of scientific interest include neuroaesthetics, neurocinematics and psychology of audiovisual perception. Working as a Dream Director at DreamJay Inc. being responsible for concept and production of content and the methodology of audio and visual stimuli for Nightly app, combining both art & science to actively improving sleep. Associate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, research project Sign System of Audiovisual Language. Associate at the Centre for Innovation SWPS University, expert on New Technologies, responsible for the cooperation project between SWPS University and Lodz Film School, as coordinator of the xReality Research Group. Lecturer at Cinematic VR crash course and Film & Perception course, Dream Screen issue.


Philippe Boisnard

What is talking, talking to each other? If one understands perfectly what are the iA at the image level, or the cross-referencing of data from deep learning linked to very extensive databases, the question of the word is quite different: it supposes the intuition of an intentional understanding of what is asked. Very quickly, a child with few vocabularies, surpass in context intelligence most of the iA. Philippe Boisnard, based on his own artistic research developed for the IADOLL creation he is doing with the cartoonist Beb-DEum, will explain in what sense he is thinking about the constitution of his conversational agent. Philippe Boisnard is a digital artist and writer who for many years has been questioning the constitution of man through the materiality of codes and representations related to the political, social and economic dimensions. His installations or performances seek to reflect on the technological processes that constitute our humanity. He has written several books and essays, and made numerous conferences in France and abroad. Since 2008, he has been creating digital installations such as After Fukushima, phuToMaton, Translations, Shape_of_memory, Words City, presented nationally or internationally, notably supported by the French Institutes (Russia, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, …). In addition, he worked for theatrical digital creations, for example with L’argent created by Anne Théron with Stanislas Nordey, and played in the context of the Avignon Festival (2012), Lucille Calmel’s ID (production Théâtre Paris Villette 2011), At the edge of the chasm, production Théâtre des Tanneurs Brussels 2010. He has been several times in residence at CNES La Chartreuse. It creates facilities for institutional exposures. He is also curator of exhibition in technological art (Access, Digital Baths, …) He obtained in 2007 the multimedia prize of the Society of the People of Letters of France (SGDL), and in 2013 the trophy art with the wishes of the internet (The Cube). His work is presented at international exhibitions and festivals: Bibliothèque nationale de France (Look for the text); European Night of the France-Russia Museums (Vladivostock, Irkutsk, Rostov on the Don, Rybinsk, Samara, Paris – Society of the men of letters), SAT (Montreal), Eastern Block (Canada), festival Gigital Choc (French institutes of Tokyo and Kyoto), Convention hard data (Sao Paulo – Brazil); Festival Epaf (Warsaw, Poland), Live action festival (Göttborg), Festival FIMAV (Victoriaville – Canada), Experimenta (Grenoble), Festival Digital baths (Enghien-les-bains), Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland), etc.


François Bouille
Nécessité d’une confédération Européenne de la (x)R ?
La réalité virtuelle et les légendes de Paris

François Bouille, producer at French Touch Records and XR Studio Director at Experience 360. Born in 1981, François Bouille graduated from ICN business school, he rapidly became the CEO of an important federation, the French Federation of Yachting Harbors (FFPP). He managed this federation during 7 years. Passioned by music and technics, he learned on his own how to use the main audiovisual softwares (AVID Protools, ADOBE suite). In 2008 he created French Touch Records, an independant audiovisual production association for which he has been the president since its creation and a team member for many musical and movies creation. In 2012, he became the Ile de France director of the French Federation for disabled people, for two years. After that he dedicated his time and work to learn more about audiovisual and creation techniques. He rapidly learned 3D modeling with Maya and Blender and got a diploma as a web developer (HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript, Symphony). In 2015, he got passionate about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and started creating applications and video games with Unity software and C# language and 360° video contents under Experience 360 brand with the directors Nicolas Alberny and Quentin de Cagny. Since october 2018, Experience 360 is officialy an indie XR Studio.


Céline Tricard
La création (x)R

Director – Cinematographer – Céline Tricart is a director who has developed a unique and recognizable style with a strong visual sense due to her experience as director of photography. His work has been featured in many prestigious festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, the Austin Film Festival, the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival and the Chicago Film Festival. Celine has received a Creative Award from the Advanced Imaging Society among many other awards. Céline Tricart is also a world-renowned expert in stereoscopic 3D and virtual reality. In this role, she worked on cutting-edge films, including the first French 3D feature film “Behind the Walls” which makes her the first female feature film stereographer in the world. She then worked on well-known franchise films such as “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction” and “Transformers 5: the Last Knight”. She has written two books published by Focal Press and available worldwide, “3D filmmaking” and “Virtual Reality Filmmaking”. Celine was also Director of Photography for a Shinola VR commercial directed by Andrew and Luc Wilson, who won a Lumiere Award. In 2016, Céline founded Lucid Dreams Productions, a production company specializing in new technologies that has participated in many award-winning experiences such as “Under The Canopy” for Conservation International. In 2017, Céline co-directed Maria Bello’s “Ladies’ Sun Experience” on Yazidi women who are fighting Daesh in Iraq. For this, she had to cross a territory held by the Islamic State to meet women soldiers on the border between Iraq and Syria and collect their story.


Adrien Carta

Graduate of Cnam-Enjmin, the national school of interactive media located in Angoulême, Adrien Carta is co-founder of Kalank. This production company is a specialist in social augmented reality. Immersive experiences to share, broadcast directly on Snapchat and Facebook, which have already seduced prestigious companies like Yves Saint-Laurent or King.


Baptiste Deneufbourg

Graduate of Cnam-Enjmin, the national school of interactive media located in Angoulême, Baptiste Deneufbourg is co-founder of Kalank. This production company is a specialist in social augmented reality. Immersive experiences to share, broadcast directly on Snapchat and Facebook, which have already seduced prestigious companies like Yves Saint-Laurent or King.


Jonathan Picard
La production (x)R

3D designer, Cirque du Soleil. Acrobat in the soul having discovered theatrical play and 3D design during his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Technological Innovation profile. He is the reference in virtual and mixed reality in C.Lab, the creative laboratory of Cirque du Soleil.



Vers l’Intelligence Artificielle au service de l’animation – Le Rêve de Sam

Software developper, Anaël  is graduated from ENJMIN, (Game and interactive design school in Angouleme). During his studies, he produces, with other students,  an edutainment game,  Le Jardin de Mirabelle, , Imagina awarded in 2006. Anaël joins Les films du Poisson Rouge in 2010, and mobilizes his skill of software developper and his artistic talent to develop M.O.E. (in-house expressive renderer) , Houdoo (in-house 2d animation software) and KLAS. He manages all the projects of the studio, which are using these new tools.


Barbara Schuerrer

Vers l’Intelligence Artificielle au service de l’animation – le Rêve de Sam

Barbara Shuerrer is the Producer of Gabi Production. With a medievalist background and a passion for iconography and photography, she falls in love with animation when she sees for the first time the short-movie The Monk and the Fish by Mickael Dubok de Wit and becomes a full part of the animation’s world when she works with the team of A Monster in Paris. After a few years of training and some fortunate encounters she decides to become an independant producer and chooses to carry projects that looks like her, among which the animation short-movie Sam’s Dream and the animated documentary Tiraillements – on the art and life of the philosopher Emil Cioran.