The Jury


President : Roger Gonin –Clermont-Ferrand International Short film Festival
Christine Gendre – Director of the short film UniFrance
Mai Phuong Le – SKDA Vietnam – National School of Theater and Cinema of Ho Chi Minh City
Alexander Stein – Interfilm Berlin Short film Festival
Stéphane Dalmat – LaTV3D

The Student Jury

Claire Authier  – Lycée de l’Image et du Son d’Angoulême LISA
Pauline Cottaz – IFFCAM
Jérôme PAIRAULT – IUT Angoulême


Roger Gonin – President

Has been working for the Clermont-Ferrand Short film Festival from 1980 to 2014. Roger, whose dream is to one day establish a museum dedicated to magic lanterns and stereoscopic viewers, has directed two shorts and worked on several others. He is currently making historical reseraches and lectures about itinerants showing the magic lantern during the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.


Phuong Le Maï

Graduate of a Master Degree from the National School of Theater and Cinema Hanoi (SKDA), Phuong Le Mai has already directed several short films, including an award in 2011 at the Vietnamese National Film Festival in Hanoi. She is also an actress, Vietnamese TV presenter and screenwriter. Graduated in economics from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. She holds the chair of film analysis at the National School of Theater and Cinema of Ho Chi Minh City, and is in charge of relations and partnerships with French-speaking countries.


Christine Gendre

Head of the short film service at UniFrance (an organization promoting French cinema abroad) for thirty years, Christine Gendre exercises her reign with passion. Acting as an ambassador to festival programmers, distributors and foreign buyers, her rich knowledge of the heritage of the short format allows her to accompany works of all kinds by providing advice to directors, actors and producers. Thinking global but acting tailor-made, discovering the diversity and nobility of this singular art that is the short film, are some of the objectives that she has always in mind to make spread international talent of young French filmmakers.



Alexander Stein

CEO/Festival Producer.

Alexander Stein was born in Koblenz as the youngest of six siblings. He moved to Berlin in 1990, during the summer of the German-German monetary union, to the so-called “democratic capital” of the then still existent German Democratic Republic. He spent many years living in the creative “Dunckerland” squat, which was also where he made his first animation film, “Revolting Appetite” after studying animation at Kaskeline Filmakademie. Furthermore, Alex studied film, theatre, ethnology and journalism at the Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität in Berlin. He joined interfilm in 1998. In those days the festival was run from a humble home office, with two computers attached to a modem. They even had a telephone. In 2000 Alex co-founded the limited company interfilm and celebrated the inauguration of new office spaces. From then on, Alex took on the role of producer in festival coordination and alongside with the artistic director Heinz Hermanns, became managing director of interfilm in 2003. Through his work as a (creative) producer and efforts in funding and sponsoring acquisiations as well as networking around the world, the interfilm festival has grown to more than 17,000 visitors. In 2008 he co-founded KUKI, the International Short Film Festival for Children & Youth, that he is still producing each year and from 2008 til 2012 he was also a Board member of the German Short Film Association.


Stéphane Dalmat

Président LaTV3D. Producer for almost 20 years, especially for the EuroNews news channel for corporate films, Stéphane DALMAT embarked on 3D in the early 2010s by producing and directing numerous works, mainly documentaries and music concerts. have allowed him to be selected in many international 3D festivals: USA, Poland, Belgium, and especially Korea (jury prize). Particularly sensitive to the efforts led by François SERRE to organize in France in Angoulême the only international short film festival in relief, LaTV3D, platform VOD of programs exclusively in 3D, wants to engage and support 3D Courant by renewing for the 4th year consecutively the price of the best stereoscopy. A cash prize will be awarded to the laureate when the results are declared.



Claire Authier

After studying languages for three years and sciences for one in Nantes University, Claire Authié came to Angoulême’s audiovisual degree, in which she in completing her second year,with a specialisation in sound profession. She is very into music and ancien civilisations.



Pauline Cottaz

Graduate of a BTS Audiovisual option in Sound Professions at the High School of Image and Sound of Angouleme in 2015, Pauline COTTAZ has acquired real skills in sound technique. She is interested in documentary cinema and new transmedia forms. It aims to raise awareness of the environment and our relationship to each other while exploiting new cinematographic forms. It is natural that she turned to the Francophone Institute of Training in Animal Cinema of Ménigoute to train in the specific production of animal cinema.




Jérôme Pairault

After having studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre, he reoriented himself in a BTS audiovisual specialty trades Sound. During this period, he worked on several projects (short and feature-length) as a sound engineer and graduated in 2018. Currently, he is studying the Professional Technical Degree in Sound and Image at the IUT.Angouleme.






After a university course in literature, then science of information and communication, I decided to start a course in fine arts at the European School of Image Superior of Poitiers. I have just finished my studies with a practice of animation as the main medium where I directed The Children of Concrete, an animated documentary mixing identity question, media treatment and political use. This film has a good career in festivals: sectioned at the Annecy 2018 festival, prize at the National Festival of Animation of Rennes. I am currently studying at the EMCA.



Directrice des Jurys : Barbara Schuerrer 

Barbara Shuerrer is the Producer of Gabi Production. With a medievalist background and a passion for iconography and photography, she falls in love with animation when she sees for the first time the short-movie The Monk and the Fish by Mickael Dubok de Wit and becomes a full part of the animation’s world when she works with the team of A Monster in Paris. After a few years of training and some fortunate encounters she decides to become an independant producer and chooses to carry projects that looks like her, among which the animation short-movie Sam’s Dream and the animated documentary Tiraillements – on the art and life of the philosopher Emil Cioran.