The Sixth Edition in a few words

The sixth Edition in a few words

A sixth edition of a fair, is still growing strongly …

Courant3D, the “rendez-vous” of immersion and interactivity of Angoulême is coupled this year with Immersity, the foundation of the (x) R, organized by the Pôle Image Magelis. A much needed synergy between the festive, cultural and professional aspects that must be at the service of new cinemas.

Our festival is defined more and more around the new constructions or audiovisual expressions which hybridize the noons of genres, of forms, of cinematographic techniques through relief, virtual reality, augmented reality and intelligence artificial. Something fusional, opera, that immersive and interactive rrefond the storytelling. The part one of an “x” reality that also redefines the position or the viewer in “spec’actor”.

This is what led us this year to open a new company, dedicated to the format vertical, in response to announcements made by NeVlix and Youtube.

It is also the broad issue, one induced by the new applications of artificial intelligence in culture and cinemas. Applications that modify our production pathways, but also by simple reaction, all audiovisual content. This opening to the Artificial Intelligence in our country, we want it to collaborate with Asia. We have this year the pleasure of receiving Mr. Ngo Tu Lap, the Director of the Institute of the Innovation of Vietnam and Mrs. Phuong Le Mai of the National School of Theater and Cinema of Vietnam. And we duplicate our festival 19 and October 20 in Saigon: it is the birth of Courant3D Asia.

We believe in privileging projects that test these languages ​​and technological possibilities; aspects often perceived as experimental. With our ac ons, we want to introduce the professionals, the students and the spectators in order to enable them to tame this immersive power that generates illusions, so as not to be unintentionally involved. It is also about discovering the infinite possibilities that we open up these new forms of language. So we have the concern to educate and speacking in a friendly and fun place.

François Serre,
president of the association Prenez du relief.


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