Films 3D 360 VR

Competition VR 360 3D

1  Alteration
2  Blond “Draw Me Out”
3  Note to my Father
4  NowForeVR
5  The Hourglass
6  Time Out 360
7  Vaysha l’aveugle
8  Portrait (é)mouvant #2
9  Les Menines de DiegoRésultat de recherche d'images pour "séparation dans texte"



2017 / 20 mn /Dialogues anglais / France

Director : Jérôme Blanquet
Music : Jean-François Blanquet
Productor : Okio Studio – Metronomic
Genre : fiction

Alexandro volunteers for an experiment carried out to study dreams. He doesn’t even imagine that he’s going to be subjected to the intrusion of Elsa, a form of Artificial Intelligence, who’s going to digitize and dematerialize his subconscious in order to feed off it.

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Blond – “Draw Me Out”

2017 / 4 min / Dialogue anglais / France

Director : Fabien Remblier
Productor : Fabien Remblier

Recording live in VR 360 3D at the mythical Davout Studios, the title “Draw Me Out” is one of the BLOND group’s flagship titles.

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Les Menines de Diego Velázquez en 360°

2017 / 06 min / Dialogue Français ou Anglais / France

Director : Carlos Franklin
Productor : Les Poissons Volants
Genre : Animation, Documentaire, vidéo art

Diego Velázquez stared at us behind his easel. His gaze invites us. We pass to the other side of this miror painting and bust into the heart of the work to submerge along with the painter into the vertigo and the enigmatic echoes that he won’t stop playing. Between illusion and reality, Velázquez seizes our senses and endlessly questions our reason.

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Notes to my father

2016 / 11 min / Dialogues anglais / INDIA-USA

Director : Jayisha Patel
Productor : Amy Seidenwurm, Paula Cuneo, Joanne Sprague, Tiffany Kieran
Genre : Fiction

Set in the lush rural landscapes of Southern India, Notes To My Father is a story of love, grief and reconciliation, between father and daughter. Flooded by past memories of an adolescence spent in an Indian brothel, Ramadevi pens a letter to her father, who unintentionally played a role in his daughter’s trauma.

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2016 / 4 min / Sans dialogue / Germany

Director : Felix Kraus
Productor : Felix Kraus
Genre : expérimental

NowForeVR is a unique journeythrough the metaphysics of art. Based on real acrylic paintings by the artist group ‘The Swan Collective’, the viewer will beable to fly through stereoscopicarchitectural models,projection-mapped with painted textures.

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The hourglass

2017 / 7 min / Dialogues anglais / France – Germany

Director : Matthieu Lienart
Productor : Tim David
Genre : fiction

Vincent and Cathy stole a briefcase from a businessman. What’s inside is beyond everything they can imagine: a time-travel hourglass. Chasing the thieves, the mysterious businessman will try to get his briefcase back, through night and time.

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Time out 360°

2017 / 6 min / Sans dialogue / France

Director : Yannick Violin
Procdutor : Nayade
Genre : animation

Albert our clockmaker enters in the giant clock of the village in order to understand why it is  blocked. He will discover a whole universe of wheelworks and crazy cuckoos.

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Vaysha l’aveugle

2017 / 8 min /  Dialogues  VF – VOST Anglais / Canada

Réalisateur : Theodore Ushev
Genre : Animation
Productor : Office national du film du Canada (ONF)

Blind Vaysha : from film to virtual reality 

Vaysha is not like other little girls: she was born with a left eye that sees only the past and a right eye that sees only the future, and she cannot live in the present. Should she poke out one of her eyes so that she can live in the other’s temporal reality? Or is she doomed to perceive the world from this perplexing perspective? Blind Vaysha is an expressionistic work that’s been created in three distinct versions: 2D, stereoscopic 3D and virtual reality (VR). Director Theodore Ushev embraced VR for one simple reason: to allow viewers to have a more visceral connection with his heroine. He uses this immersive technology to serve the purposes of narrative, not visual spectacle, and to make the central metaphor of his story, which is steeped in Buddhist wisdom, that much more compelling. Each of these versions uses the same animation method: the traditional art of linocutting recreated on a graphics tablet, a popular tool for today’s animators. The result is a fascinating encounter between artistic tradition and cutting-edge technology—an apt way of perpetuating an exquisite, centuries-old form of visual art.   

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Portrait (é)Mouvant #2

2017 / 4 min / Sans dialogue / France

Director : Joséphine Derobe
Productor : Joséphine Derobe
Genre : Experimental

(e)Motion Portrait – Thematic :  body & identity in immersive digital worlds An aesthetic research with a 3D portrait non realistic, exploring intensity of its Presence (carnal, space) in Present (time) connexion with the viewer (cognitive, sensory, emotional). This work explores -through different media- our capacity and need to re-create believable connexion to a digital “Other” with our sens, body and mind. The different variations allows to questionning us and the audience about our current and future relation to digital and virtual worlds also the question of our freedom and responsibility. 360° 3D VR  with gaze interactivity (headset-Gear).