Festival 2014

2nd edition of the Courant3D festival : 2014

Courant 3D Grand Prix

Red Lady

 6 mn / 2012 / Without dialogue
Director : Mitosz Hermanowicz
Country : Poland
Genre : Experimental
Production : Metronomic
Website : metronomic.fr

A mysterious red woman strolls in the small alleyways full of life. Men and women stare at each other, dances, kisses. Other men is taken by fear or suffering. Of this world half dream, half hallucinated treads out the red lady. Who is she? Where is she going?

Courant 3D Student Prize

Northern Lights Over Mount Halde

8 mn / 2014
Director : Morten Skallerud
Country : Norway
Genre : Fiction – Historical film
Production : Camera Magica
Website : cameramagica.no

1917. On the site of the first northern lights observatory in the world, a boy and his grandmother plays outside under the stars. The northern lights appears and the scientists photograph this phenomena with equipment kilometers away linked by telephone.

Courant 3D Public Prize

Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc

9 mn / 2013
From the book : Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc – Pierre Richard et Gwendal Le Bec
Director : Eloi Henriod
Country : France
Genre : Animation / Fiction 
Production : Metronomic
Website : metronomic.fr

It’s the start of a new school year. Pierre evades  the dullness of School  by a writing project. He dives into the happy memories of his holidays in company of his sheep.

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