Festival 2013

1st edition of the festival Courant 3D : 2013

Courant 3D Grand Prix

Mr Hublot

11 mn / 2.35 / 2013 / Without dialogue
Director : Alexandre Espigares & Laurent Witz
Country : Luxembourg – France
Genre : Animation
Production Co: ZEILT productions WATT frame
Official web site : wattframe.net

Full of  tics and irks, terrified of the world, a recluse to himself, Mr Hublot hates changes and unpredictabilities. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet is abruptly going to change his habits, constrained and forced to live a common life with his new all so invading companion.

Courant 3D Student Award


14 mn / 2013
Réalisation : Andrew Cumming
Pays : Angleterre
Genre : Drama
Production : National Film & Television School and Onsight Rental Facilities
Site officiel : : andrewcumming.co.uk

In a narrow property cut off from the world,  a young mother tries to face a double responsability : raise her son and protect him from their unique visitor, the man that keeps them hostage.

Courant 3D Public Award

Lapse of time

13 mn / 1.85 / 2013 / VO French / VO French STE
Director : Celine Tricart
Country: France
Genres: Expérimental Conte 
Production : KAFARD
Offical Web site : celine-tricart.com

Strasbourg, a wintery afternoon.  A game of hide and seek is being organized, a small boy hides in the imposing, astronomical clock of the cathedral ! Worming himself inside, his vest gets stuck in the clockwork and provokes the full stop of the mechanism… and time itself !

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