3D/Relief Movies session #2

  • I saw the future

2018 / France / 7 min / Dialogue Anglais – Français – Allemand

Genre(s) : Fiction, Documentaire

Réalisation : François Vautier

Stéréographe : François Vautier

Production : DA PROD

In 1964, Arthur C. Clarke, the co-writer of Stanley Kubrick’s on 2001: A Space Odyssey, reveals his vision of the future. By revisiting the signal transmitted by the first cathodic images, this VR experimental film literally plunges us into the sound and visual matrix at the heart of this achive. I Saw the Future allows spectators to submerge themselves in a three-dimensional space echoing the futurist predictions of a visionary and humanist scholar.


  • Stéréoscopie 68

2018 / France / 8 min / Sans dialogue         Genre(s) : Animation / Expérimental

Réalisation : collectif d’étudiants de l’EMCA en seconde année 2D 2018- 2019

ANDREWS Emma – AUGER Axel – BLANDEAU Camelia – CHANGEUR Louis – CLEUET Adrien – DEGOVE Lola – DIDIER Mickaël – GUERINEAU Rachel – GUERRA Virginie – HERISSON Adèle – JOVE Antoine – KALE Ameey – LE MOAL Charline – MIKDJIAN Thomas – NATIVEL Lucas – OUWE MISSI OUKEM Marie-Sarah – PERON Coline – PERRET Adrien – PLOIX Alban – PRADEAU Lucie – ROLQUIN Emilie – SANCHEZ Elodie – SANTORU Alexandra – SARRAUSTE Alice – SAUNIER Olivia – TACCONI Manon – WASZAK Adrien – WISS Emilien – ZANNI Boris – ZERROU Samia. Stéréographie : Alexandre Marchand       Production : EMCA – Prenez du relief

Formal work in 3D on May 68..


  • Mind The Gap

2016 / Royaume-Uni / 5 min / Sans dialogue

Genre : Art Vidéo

Réalisateurs : Karel Bata

Stéréographe : Karel Bata

Production : Karel Bata

What is this space between people? And how many people can you fit in there? A humorous experimental film that uses green screen and stereo 3D to try to fit as many people into a space as possible.


  • Le grand voyage

2018 / France / 9 min / Sans dialogue

Genre : animation expérimental

Réalisation : Georges Mimiague

Stéréoscopie : Georges Mimiague

Production : Georges Mimiague

As the sun is rising on the mountains, the bells resound, the sheeps arrive, bleating. Change of scenery : we are in a showroom of paintings that we quietly visit. We first focus on a painting, then on a second one. And then, in an unexpected way, we rush into a total ”elsewhere”. How far will we go ?

  • Espace, espaces !

2017 / France / 25 min / Dialogue français

Genre(s) : Fiction

Réalisation : Esther JACOPIN

Stéréographe : Alexandre SAUDINOS & Guillaume ZUCCHI

Production : La Fémis

Baptiste works at the Ministry of Space Affairs, next to the astro-engineers, the diplomates and the exo-linguists. Strange things are going on at the Ministry these days: press leaks, sabotages of the equipment… One thing is for sure: the Minister is not going to be happy.


  • Virus War 2

2018 / France / 5 min / Dialogue français
Genre : Fiction
Réalisateur : Manuel Mercier
Stéréoscopie : Alexandre Saudinos
Producteurs : Vizion
Year 77 post Dark Reboot: In the war against viruses, humanity owes its ultimate survival to Nanobionics. Miniaturized and boarded on a stealth vessel, the Kraken V crew is busy with one of their routine rescue jobs. The plan seems to be working exactly as planned. Unless… Danger: it’s a trap!
3D introduction film for the VR Game
  • Trespasser, Beyong The Veil

2018 / Danemark / 8 min / Dialogue sans

Genre(s) : Animation

Réalisation : Pernille Kjaer

Stéréographie : Lars Hemmingsen & Elisabet Hau

Production : The Animation Workshop – Viborg

In an alternate reality, a two dimensional character explores a three dimensional landscape and discovers something unsettling behind a curtain.

  • Love me fear

2018 / Allemagne / 6 min / Sans dialogue

Genre : Animation

Réalisation : Veronica Salomon

Stéréographie : Zsolt Magyari

Production : Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

“What would you be willing to do for them to love you? “

LOVE ME, FEAR ME is a dance metaphor about the roles we play, the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.