2016 – Moving portrait of Joséphine Derobe

Portait (é)Mouvant

Portait (é)Mouvant de Joséphine Derobe is an immersive and interactive installation piece of which  images en relief invites the audience to play with their perception.

Joséphine Derobe, renowned artist and “stéréographer”* is proposing a study of the “present presence” of a digital body.  This moving picture is inviting the spectators into the landscape of an internal universe that seems to take form and deform indefinitely. This plastic study  is questioning the body, it’s place, taken by a lifestyle linked to the virtual and digital. Our capacity (and need) to relink the real and the flesh to the digital means of representations.

The version VR 360 3D of  Portait (é)Mouvant will also be presented before the premiere at the K.Dick.

* Stereographer : Specialist in stereoscopical images (3D). Joséphine Derobe has worked on all the films of Wim Wenders (Pina, Everything will be fine, Cathedrals of culture, Les Beaux Jours d’Aranjuez…) as well as on Minuscule et la Vallée des Fourmis perdues, Astérix au Service de sa Majesté… In VR 360 3D, she has also collaborated on the film I Phillip, the first french film of fiction in virtual reality that can also be discovered at the space K. Dick.

[23th August – 15th October 2016 ]