Rates of a program “PRENEZ DU RELIEF” or “Best of Courant3D”

All movies are rent included in a DCP program of short stereoscopic films of about 80 mn total length, for broadcast in a unit of place and event.

1st screening in one place : 250€ excl. taxes *
2nd screening in same place : 100€ excl. taxes
3rd screening in same place : 100€ excl. taxes
from4th to 10th in same place : 70€ excl. taxes


Prestations :

1 – Handling fees : 80€ excl. taxes (postal charges, DCP, …)
2 – Subtitling, Blu-Ray, price on demand
3 – Lecturer from the association «prenez du relief» , price on demand
4 – Presence of one of the directors, price on demand
5 – Technical optimization of the 3D diffusion, price on demand
6 – 3D glasses rental, price on demand

*Please note : some films are offered on specific rates