French 3D for Kids

“French 3D for Kids” 55 mn

5 mètres 80

5 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / No dialogue
Director : Nicolas Deveaux
Country : France
Genre : Animation Experimental
Production : Cube Créative Productions
Offical website :

The film is showing a group of giraffes performing trapeze jumps in a large swimming pool.

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Poppety in the fall

26 mn / 1,85 / 2012 / Version : French and English
Director : Pierre Luc Granjon
Country : France – Quebec
Genre : Animation
Production : Foliascope Folimage
Official website :

All the books in the kingdom are mysteriously being emptied of their stories. As a result the good king Balthazar is bored to death and is plunging his whole population into deep depression. “This is another bad turn from that storyteller Bonifacio” warns Poppety the grouchy hedgehog. But how can he be so sure ?

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Table Bob

3 mn / 1,85 / No dialogue
Director : Victor Haegelin
Country : France
Genre : Animation – Stop-motion
Production : Patator Prod
Site officiel :

Bob come on the dinner table when your back is turned. Although evil took him …

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The little bond boy with a white sheep

Courant 3D Public Prize 2014

9 mn / 2013
From the book : Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc – Pierre Richard et Gwendal Le Bec
Director : Eloi Henriod
Country : France
Genre : Animation / Fiction 
Production : Metronomic
Website :

It’s the start of a new school year. Pierre evades  the dullness of School  by a writing project. He dives into the happy memories of his holidays in company of his sheep.

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Mr Hublot

Courant 3D Grand Prix 2013

11 mn / 2.35 / 2013 / Without dialogue
Director : Alexandre Espigares & Laurent Witz
Country : Luxembourg – France
Genre : Animation
Production Co: ZEILT productions WATT frame
Official web site :

Full of  tics and irks, terrified of the world, a recluse to himself, Mr Hublot hates changes and unpredictabilities. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet is abruptly going to change his habits, constrained and forced to live a common life with his new all so invading companion.

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