Animated selection 2014

“Animated selection 2014” 79 mn

The fascinating world of materials

6 mn / 1,85 / 1993 / Version : French and English
Director : Jerzy Kular
Country : France – Corée
Genre : Documentaire – Science
Production : PosCo
Official website :

3D animated film produced for the 1993 World Expo in Taejon, South Korea, and as the signature film for the Iwerks 3D Theatre at Pavillion of Materials (South Korea).

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6 mn / 1,85 / 2012 / No dialogue
Director : Yannick Violin
Country : France
Genre : Animation 4D – Aventure – First person view
Production : Nayade – 3Dynamic
Official website :

With 3Dynamic company, Nayade continues to produce a 4K movies catalogue. In this short-film we follow the advnture of an alien on an asteroid. 

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5 mètres 80

5 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / No dialogue
Director : Nicolas Deveaux
Country : France
Genre : Animation Experimental
Production : Cube Créative Productions
Offical website :

The film is showing a group of giraffes performing trapeze jumps in a large swimming pool.

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12 mn / 1,85 / 2010 / No dialogue
Director : Adriaan Lokman
Country : France et Pays-Bas
Genre : Animation – Expérimental – Course-poursuite
Production : Autour de Minuit – Valkproducties – Arcadi
Official website :

An abstract pursuit that leaves you gasping for breath…

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Gloria Victoria

7 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / No dialogue
Director : Théodore Ushev
Country : Canada
Genre : Animation – Expérimental
Production : Onf
Official website :

Recycling elements of surrealism and cubism, this animated short by Theodore Ushev focuses on the relationship between art and war. Propelled by the exalting “invasion” theme from Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony (No. 7), the film presents imagery of combat fronts and massacres, leading us from Dresden to Guernica, from the Spanish Civil War to Star Wars. It is at once a symphony that serves the war machine, that stirs the masses, and art that mourns the dead, voices its outrage and calls for peace.

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Virtuoso Virtual

7 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / No dialogue
Director : Thomas Stellmach et Maja Oschmann
Country : Allemagne
Genre : Animation – Classical music
Official website :

Abstract ink drawings seem to come out of nowhere. Following a secret choreography, they take on characteristics and moods of the music and narrate a story that appears to be laid out in the music. The interplay of timid encounters and dynamic pursuits, the agile lightness and confrontation, awakens a multitude of associations e.g. of birds, plants or the under-water world, which in turn stimulates many different emotional impressions.

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Subconscious password

10 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / Version :
Director : Chris Landreth
Pays : Canada
Genre : Animation
Production : Onf  – Seneca college animation arts centre – Copperheart entertainment
Site officiel :

In this short animation, Oscar®-winning director Chris Landreth (Ryan, 2004) uses a common social gaffe—forgetting somebody’s name—as the starting point for a mind-bending romp through the unconscious. Inspired by the classic TV game show Password, the film features a wealth of animated celebrity guests who try to prompt our beleaguered protagonist to remember his old pal’s name. Finally, he realizes he must surrender to his predicament and jump head-first into his subconscious to find the answer.

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Mr Hublot

Courant 3D Grand Prix 2013

11 mn / 2.35 / 2013 / Without dialogue
Director : Alexandre Espigares & Laurent Witz
Country : Luxembourg – France
Genre : Animation
Production Co: ZEILT productions WATT frame
Official web site :

Full of  tics and irks, terrified of the world, a recluse to himself, Mr Hublot hates changes and unpredictabilities. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet is abruptly going to change his habits, constrained and forced to live a common life with his new all so invading companion.

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