3D BluRay Courant3D with Unifrance

3D BluRay Courant3D with Unifrance

Courant3D and Unifrance made a French 3D Best-Of BluRay that got presented at the Annecy Festival of 2016 :

Mr Hublot

Courant 3D Grand Prix 2013

11 mn / 2.35 / 2013 / Without dialogue
Director : Alexandre Espigares & Laurent Witz
Country : Luxembourg – France
Genre : Animation
Production Co: ZEILT productions WATT frame
Official web site : wattframe.net

Full of  tics and irks, terrified of the world, a recluse to himself, Mr Hublot hates changes and unpredictabilities. The arrival of the dog Robot Pet is abruptly going to change his habits, constrained and forced to live a common life with his new all so invading companion.

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5 mn / 1,85 / No dialogue
Director : Eric Gandois
Country : France
Genre : Science-fiction
Production : Les partenaires
Website : unifrance.org/annuaires

A 3D movie set in a futuristic poetic universe without any dialog. The last moments of humanity on earth before nature resumes her duties.

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Ghost Cell

Courant 3D Grand prix 2015

6 mn / 1.85 / 2015 / No dialogue
Director : Antoine Delacharlery
Stereographe : Antoine Delacharlery
Country : France
Genre : Expérimental CGI animation
Production : Autour de minuit
Official website :  autourdeminuit.com

Scientific and dreamlike documentary at once, Ghost Cell is a stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope.

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Laps of time

Courant 3D Public Prize 2013

13 mn / 1.85 / 2013 / VO French / VO French STE
Director : Celine Tricart
Country: France
Genres: Expérimental Conte 
Production : KAFARD
Offical Web site : celine-tricart.com

Strasbourg, a wintery afternoon.  A game of hide and seek is being organized, a small boy hides in the imposing, astronomical clock of the cathedral ! Worming himself inside, his vest gets stuck in the clockwork and provokes the full stop of the mechanism… and time itself !

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Captain 3D

Courant 3D Public Prize 2015

4 mn / 1,85 / 2015 / No dialogue
Director : Victor Haegelin
Stereograph : Victor Haegelin
Country : France
Genre : Animation – Comic
Production : Partizan Films
Official website : partizan.com

Captain 3D is a super avant-garde hero ! When he puts his relief glasses, a new world gets animated in 3D, and gives life to the most terrifying monsters from which he must save the most charming young ladies, that only exist in our favorite comics.

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The Race

15 mn / 1.78 / 2015 / No dialogue
Director : Michaël Le Meur
Stereograph : Michaël Le Meur
Country : France
Genre : Documentaire CGI Animation
Production : Autour de minuit
Official website : autourdeminuit.com

Eternally dissatisfied and doomed to grow, Humanity frantically rushes along at top speed on a mad race. What if this headlong rush was not the fruit of our free will, but the result of mechanical forces ruling the universe?

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Time Out

6 mn / 1,85 / 2015 / No dialogue
Director : Yannick Violin
Stereograph : Yannick Violin
Country : France
Genres : Animation – First person view
Production Co : Nayade – Triprod
Official website : nayade.com

Albert our clockmaker enters in the giant clock of the village in order to understand why it is  blocked. He will discover a whole universe of wheelworks and crazy cuckoos.

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Red Lady

Courant 3D Grand Prix 2014

 6 mn / 2012 / Without dialogue
Director : Mitosz Hermanowicz
Country : Poland
Genre : Experimental
Production : Metronomic
Website : metronomic.fr

A mysterious red woman strolls in the small alleyways full of life. Men and women stare at each other, dances, kisses. Other men is taken by fear or suffering. Of this world half dream, half hallucinated treads out the red lady. Who is she? Where is she going?

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The little bond boy with a white sheep

Courant 3D Public Prize 2014

9 mn / 2013
From the book : Le petit blond avec un mouton blanc – Pierre Richard et Gwendal Le Bec
Director : Eloi Henriod
Country : France
Genre : Animation / Fiction 
Production : Metronomic
Website : metronomic.fr

It’s the start of a new school year. Pierre evades  the dullness of School  by a writing project. He dives into the happy memories of his holidays in company of his sheep.

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Forget me not

15 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / Version : VO Français, VOSTE Français
Director : Josephine Derobe
Country : France
Genre : Drame – Famille – Fantaisie
Production : Khamlaï Prod
Website :  josephinederobe.fr – unifrance.org/annuaires

Thomas, in his thirties, returns to his childhood home for a strange head to head… The film explores themes of memory and perception by combining new relief techniques for both sound and image.

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5 mètres 80

5 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / No dialogue
Director : Nicolas Deveaux
Country : France
Genre : Animation Experimental
Production : Cube Créative Productions
Offical website : nicolas-deveaux.com

The film is showing a group of giraffes performing trapeze jumps in a large swimming pool.

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En attendant l’enfer

13 mn / 1,85 / 2013 / Version : French and French VOSTE
Director : Pascal Vasselin
Stereograph : Pascal Charpentier – Hugo Barbier
Country : France
Genre : Documentary
Production : What’s up Films
Official website : whatsupfilms.com

Two age-old enemies in one 3D documentary – fire and the firefighter. One is about to have its moment of glory in the South of France. The other is getting ready, physically and mentally, to enter the lion’s den. To firefighters, fire is the necessary enemy that shapes them and makes them proud.

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The 3D BluRay is distributed by Unifrance, if you wish to purchase this BluRay, please contact Benoit Blanchard ( benoit.blanchard@unifrance.org ).