10/2016 – Shenzhen Festival

” Shenzhen festival ” the 22 – 29th of November 2016

During the 2016 Clermont-Ferrand festival, the representatives of the Shenzhen festival had been very interested by our achievements and by our catalogue of films in 3D and VR.

In early April, they recontacted us to present their invitation. The festival of Shenzhen is the most important festival of short films in China, and they dispose a considerable  amount of capital. They are sponsored by an important media group in China. The ceremonies and other demonstrations are screened by this group on national television channels.

In this festival they have been trying for the last two years to develop an international market. So they have offered us a stand of 20 square meters so that we can make promotions for our 3D-films.

Over thirty countries was represented on this market and invited at the festival, like Russia, India, Canada etc.

A lot of directors were also invited, as much as around 50 of the films presented in the competition. Our stand has been highly visited thanks to the autostereoscopical screen and the virtual reality glasses.

Album Shenzhen