10/2016 – Interfilm Berlin (eng)

” Interfilm Berlin ” 14 – 20th of November 2016

The association has been invited to the 32nd Interfilm of Berlin festival.  Two members of the association have been managed by the festival to assure the projections of 3D-films in cinema as well as virtual reality sessions with appropriate glasses and at the the Planetarium Wiess (iconic place of Berlin)


Tuesday 3 – 8PM, projection of our Best Of 3D in the cinema of the Planetarium of Berlin :

The films have been passed on well in advance so that the festival and the planetarium can prepare the 3D screening. The glasses were provided by the cinema. The screening was sold out, the 250 seats were sold in advance. The cinema was rather large than long, too bad for the spectators and the perception of the 3D. In addition to our Best Of, the festival has screened a film at the end of the screening. The team of this film were there, and the discussions were between the team, Courant 3D and the public.

Films : En attendant l’enfer, Captain 3D, Later in restaurant, 9 chemin des Gauchoirs, Navigation, the Race, Ghost Cell, Coda, If i was god.

Wednesday 4 – 8.30PM, screening of virtual reality films at the Berlin Planetarium : 

The films have also been passed on early so that the festival and the Planetarium could prepare the screening of the films 360 degrees in a new context. This screening was a real event, and a lot of connaisseurs claimed to never have seen a screening like this. This was a big and impressive moment that left a space for moments of reflection relate to the meaning of virtual reality and the differences that can be found between screening it on a 360 degree hemispheric screen or through glasses. The screening that held an audience of 300 was sold out and has also a feedback very important.

Films : I, Philip, La tentation de Saint-Antoine, Le MinotaureAfter the Apocalypse, Vaudeville, Portrait émouvant, Mariage Equality, DMZ.

Thursday 5 – 10PM, Masterclass on Virtual Reality and Gruner Salon :

The Gruner Salon is one of the two salons of Volksbuhne, central area of Interfilm.

We’ve worked on a presentation during a few days prior to the Masterclass. Initially imagined as a roundtable with Pierre Zandrowic or with a professor of the University of Berlin, in the end it was François alone that presented and held this masterclass.

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th  12 – 4PM virtual reality at the Grant Hotel : 

A screening room has been provided by Interfilm at the Grant Hotel, a hotel chic close to the VolksBuhn. We’ve prepared the installation the day before. The screenings lasted about 55 minutes. The spectators received an initiation to the usage of the glasses at the same time as the last spectators finished their screening. Les spectators chose freely the films they wanted.

Films : I, Philip, La tentation de Saint-Antoine, Le MinotaureAfter the Apocalypse, Vaudeville, Portrait émouvant, Mariage Equality, DMZ, Sens, Notes on Blindness.

We have put in place 10 systems of virtual reality screening. The VR sessions were completed the day before and certain audience members waited patiently the clearing of space in the Grant. A coffee-corner was installed in the room was added by the Grant.

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