04/2016 – French innovation week Chicago (eng)

« French Innovation Week @ Chicago » 22 – 27th of April 2016

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Last September, we worked to prepare our programs « 3D for Kids »  and « Best of French 3D », write the paper programs, prepare the DCP’s  etc…

Pervenche Beurrier, audiovisual assistant  of the French Embassy in the United States, presented our programs to his contacts last December and decided to do the « premiere » during the French innovation week each year in Chicago.

Monday the 18th, Denis Quenelle, cultural assistant in Chicago, asked us if it would be possible in addition to the broadcasts to speak to the students and professionals  and define our axis of intervention. Using Skype we established five possible axises with Céline Tricart  :

For the  « best of » screening, we’ve been honored by the presence of the members of the Stereoscopic club of Chicago… And they didn’t stop asking us questions…

For more information : French 3d for Kids

Monday at 9 AM we were brought to the enormous Cinespace studios where a masterclass of students from the Depaul University waited for our first conference at 10 AM. 

Then at 2 PM we did a second conference at Columbia College as always for the masters degree students of cinema. 

And finally at 6 PM, we did a third conference  in front of over fifty professionals from Fort Knox Studio, a place that brings together postproduction studios of image and sound, and a cultivation of start ups.

Tuesday morning we did the last conference at 10 AM at the Columbia College in front of the doctors degree participants.

We had very positive feedback and the council congratulated and thanked us several times for the interest we had suscited in the American professionals. 

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