Call for projects Angoulême – New Angoulême – New York

Call for projects AngoulêmeNew AngoulêmeNew York

Friends, artists and animators, increase our reality… 

« Courant3D », « French Institute – Alliance Française de New york », « SolidAnim », «Les Mains Sales », and « G4F PROD » Start a call for a hybrid animation project : the realization of a documentary and narrative exhibition in augmented reality on the theme :

AngoulêmeNew AngoulêmeNew York

The site of New York was discovered by Verrazano in 1524 during its voyage of exploration of the east coast of North America, sponsored by Francois I. Verrazano named the discovered places “La Nouvelle Angoulême” in honor of François 1er, who was also Duke of Angoulême. The bay of New York was named “The Bay St. Margaret” in honor of the King’s sister Marguerite de Valois. The site of New York, therefore called for nearly a century (from 1524 to 1608) New Angouleme, until the arrival of Henri Hudson.

This call is accompanied by an aid to the historical and documentary approach of the theme and a training in augmented reality.


12 projects will be selected

The selected authors will be rewarded for 600 €, an augmented reality training (valued to 300 €) and a copy of the exhibition catalog in augmented reality (50 €)

A second jury will meet at the Courant3D festival to give a Grand Prize to one of the works of the corpus, which will be the visual of the cover of the catalog of the exhibition, the exhibition poster and the festival poster of the Animated Festival organized by the «French Institute – Alliance Française» of New York.

This Grand Prix will also have an invitation to New York for this festival.


– 1 –


Visit the “Prosthetic Reality” exhibition organized by Courant3D at the Cité de la bande dessinée et de l’image of Angoulême from 11 July to 4 October 2017.

Document yourself on “Angoulême” and “New Angouleme” (New York). Download the rules available at the end of this page.


 – 2 –  

Let your talent work for a hybrid animation work in augmented reality linking graphic creation, animation, and sound design.


– 3 –

Send your graphic design and animations before October 8th 2017.

* No augmented reality experience needed. We take care of everything !



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